On my honor, I will try…




Roaming around antique stores and coffee shops is one of my favorite pastimes. In a way I feel like they are both very similar. Nostalgia and treasures are lurking around every corner in antique shops. Antique shops carry items that hold lifetimes of memories. Coffee shops, on the other hand, are full of love, laughter and the divine smell of fresh brewed liquid of the Gods.  (More to come regarding coffee..)

Downtown Concord is home to Concord Antique’s Gallery.


I used to be a Girl Scout and have happy memories of that time in my life. When I spotted this gorgeous green handbook, I could help but to flip though to see what was inside.


To my surprise, it was filled out and still had a certificate of membership card tucked in the front cover!


I styled the book a few ways in the living room, but ultimately chose to keep it alongside a few nature books in the bathroom. I’m loving the book’s front cover design and colors.


Items like this one adds history and magic to a home. Have you ever come across any antique store finds you couldn’t pass up?


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