April 19, 2017


The Perkins Chapel at Blossom Hill Cemetery sits at 207 North State Street in Concord, New Hampshire. It is built of rock-faced Concord granite, with cut stone trimmings, and slated with Vermont red slate. The tiny 40 by 45 foot chapel is finished in cypress with the floor of Georgia pine, and seats about 100 people.



“The Clara B. Perkins Memorial Chapel was donated to the City of Concord in 1904 by Miss Susan George Perkins, sister of Commodore George Hamilton Perkins, whose statue stands behind the State House. Susan Perkins was a devoted Concord philanthropist who also made gifts to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, to St. Mary’s School, to Norwich University, and to Phillips Exeter Academy. Miss Perkins designated the chapel as a memorial to her mother, Clara Bartlett (Mrs. Hamilton Eliot) Perkins. The chapel has remained essentially unaltered since its construction”*.




I imagine this is the exact color of mermaid scales. The chapel’s windows are stunning!



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